About NoIntervention

NoIntervention means radical decentralization of production, communication and control, while refocusing concerns towards food-sovereignty, self-determination and independence of communities. NoIntervention speaks of different realities and ways of life. It is an effort to rebuild or regain spiritual and physical integrity as peoples, with respect for the earth and all living things.

Insisting, that neither 'peace' nor 'justice' can be enforced upon others, nor defined for them, and recognizing that any meaningful change for the better will depend on ending the dominant culture of death and destruction, NoIntervention is a anti-global concept which promotes the disintegration of multi-, supra- and transnational corporations and organizations.

Wrong way of life

European (Western) civilization and cultural-economic-military expansion during the last few hundred years brought mass extermination and destruction in previously unknown dimensions and depth.

The combined processes of multi- and transnationalization of capital, production and trade, the inter-, multi- and supranationalization of politics (control and repression), and the expansion of global communication and cultural interference, are the latest major effort by the Europeans and their diaspora (most notably the USA, Canada, Australia and Israel) to further extend their domination and way of life based upon dispossessing, exploiting, subjugating and humiliating most peoples, upon confining and controlling all living things, while plundering and wasting of resources of the earth.

NoIntervention means to stay out of others affairs

NoIntervention rejects all and any justification for intervention into the affairs of other peoples and communities. Foreign interference and intervention are principally defined by the interests of those who interfere, whatever the propagated rationale may be, and can only operate based on force.