January 16-17, 1991

January 17, 2000

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.


Wondrous People,

Great People of Iraq,

Men of our Valiant Armed Forces,

On a day like today-- on the night of January 16-17, 1991, evil-ridden humanity delegated you to act for it, after history had called upon you, and you and your valiant army responded to the call. You responded in the name of your nation and in the name of the history of Iraq, which is rich in glorious deeds, sublime values, meanings, symbols and wisdom. As true believers that you are, you stood up to oppose the tyrants and the renegade oppressors of the age and all those who took ignominy as a stand, and accepted shame and disgrace as epithets of their character.

Thus took place the Grand Battle-- the Mother of All Battles. It faced up to a new challenge, and looked up to a new ascent to the lofty summit of a mountain erected on glorious feats and built on the firm stands of faithful men and faithful women. It was the most rugged ascent with the most complicated path. But God, glorified be His name, was with us to uphold true believers and have His angels bear witness to their struggle, convey the message, keep the secret and sustain their effort with additional fortitude so that the Battle may become an eloquent lesson to all its parties: each according to the values and stands he represents. Its fields were anointed with the fragrant blood of men and women believers and with the Birds of Paradise, our beloved little ones. Paradise opened its widest gates, and I do not rule out that Bilal [the Muezzin of our Prophet (Peace be upon him)] called to prayer anew in the spirit of the situation and that the armies of Kh?lid, Ab? ‘Ubaida and Sa‘ad took part in the Battle. Thus honour hovered over the situation and the future opened wide before the steadfastness of resolution and determination and before the sublimity of the stand and its justice. The Iraqis faced up to the Battle, in the name of their nation which elected them for it, spearheaded by armies that believed in their God, His Books, His Messengers and in jihad a path to honour and a means to win the satisfaction of God, the Compassionate. There arose great confusion: echoes reverberated, guns pounded, aircraft buzzed, and remotely controlled bombs exploded. But a thundering voice towered above and overtopped all of these sounds, a voice which has become the new means of announcing that the faithful Arabs are coming-- the voice of "God is Great". Meanwhile, above the heads of men waved a banner, like an amulet carved by God of the great faith of those who believe-- the new, truthful, proud and striving banner of the Arabs, the God-Is-Great Banner. Everything got mixed up with everything else. Faith remained in its trench which stretched along the battle field, wherever there was a heroic heart of a man believer or a splendid, glorious woman believer. Facing the trench of Faith was the trench of Disbelief-- a foul-smelling, swindling, evil-scheming, sinful, aggressive and renegade trench. This was assisted by the efforts of shameful, lowly and debased turncoats who sold out their honour, the history of their nation, and the right, healthy stand.

Despite what happened on this day and the days following it and throughout the forty-three days and the days that followed the cease-fire, on which air-raids were made on the Republican Guard formations in the customary treachery of the aggressors-- we say, throughout these days and as the Battle became more intense and the stand of righteousness got firmer and the stand of falsehood persisted in stubbornness, the trench of Disbelief and Evil never mixed with the stand of faith, right and honour. Your heads, Arabs and loyal Iraqis, remained uplifted before God, before the history of your nation and before humanity at large, proud of your struggle and endurance. While the heads of the believers never bent, some of the disbelievers, the renegades and the ungrateful prostrated themselves abjectly. And while some faces were blackened with disgrace, God, glorified be His name, rendered the faces of the brave Iraqi men and glorious Iraqi women more luminous, whiter and more lustrous. These are the whiteness and lustre of this life and the second life. The Arabs, spearheaded by the Iraqis, re-recorded the symphony of their glorious history and played the tune of life so as to record for this life and the other life exemplary standards of conduct and new stands of heroism. They recorded this for the age and for all those who aspire to lead a life free of humiliation and rich with a creative ability to get them across from one edge to another, from one shore to another and from the glory of faith to the dignity of life. For this and under other well-known conditions, the gates of paradise will open for them in the second life. Thus we reiterate:

God is Great!

God is Great!

And let the debased be despised!

Great People of Iraq,


You know that the value of things derives, in general, from the price and, sometimes, from their rarity, as well as from their role and their effect on our life and on our spirit. It may even derive from the degree of our clinging to them and the level of our desire to acquire or own them. The value of the high principles, practiced in our life, and the level of their effect on us and the degree of our clinging to them are measured with the quality of sacrifice we render them and the degree of our conviction in them and our understanding of them which are implanted in our souls, minds and hearts.

People, thus, have adopted gold and other precious stones as a standard to measure the value of things against. But you know that matter and material things, whatever name they may take, do not rank highest in value during the lifetime of man. They may continue to exist after his life, because man dies and leaves them behind, unable to exchange or use them after he passes to extinction. You also know that he who does not pass to extinction is that human being on whose life, in thought, spirit and conduct, matter and all things related to it have the least effect, and he who is least avid for them. That is because those who leave a good name for the stands derived from the high principles they cherish during their lives will live on even after their bodies vanish. They will live on maintaining the rank and the memory they deserve on the same level as that of the high principles they recorded while they were alive. They also keep the place in Heaven God the Compassionate assigns to them for winning His satisfaction, while they were alive and not after their death. The result of reckoning is resolved by the Almighty God in the light of what a human being recorded during his lifetime in a record which closes with the extinction of his body.

The value attached to what man loves or whom he loves ranks on the same level of the sacrifice he renders to them and according to or commensurate with that sacrifice and its effect on his soul. Regardless of details, we love God as much as we sacrifice for that love and endeavour to win His satisfaction with us. You have sacrificed, noble Iraqis, all that is dear and precious, and have shed your blood seeking the love of God and in hope to win His satisfaction, praised be His name.

You are now the nearest to Him and ranking highest in His love. Your chance of winning His satisfaction, glorified be His name, is greater than that of any other people, that is because you have sacrificed so much for your high principles out of love for your people, your homeland and your nation. Pioneering your sacrifice, to guide it through to the sure arrival and to throw bright light to embody forth its significance, colour and shape, is the blood of our dutiful martyrs-- our beloved, the beloved of the people, the homeland and the nation, or rather, the beloved of every truthful and loyal believer.

You have sacrificed so much, and I have never doubted, not even for a moment, that you love God and that God loves you evenmore for your nearness to Him has been proportional to the degree of your faith in Him and your love for Him and your sacrifice to win His satisfaction with you.

Now, you love your nation even more, and your nation loves you and appreciates your role even more. You love Iraq-- you love its earth, sky, water and air. Keep up your love in order to reach your target, for you are definitely reaching it. By God's permission, happiness after suffering is at hand, at hand, at hand.

Know that a ship's speed in sailing is proportionate to the quantity of water it cuts and pushes away on both sides as it moves. So, keep up your sailing unburdened and undistracted from the necessary effort you should exert to cross safely. Push aside from your path all obstacles put by the daily affairs of life, because giving them much attention may waste your effort, endeavour and resolution. Your illustrious ship will then move to its anchorage in the harbour of honour, virtue and glory where you will breathe the musk of sacrifice along the course.

And know, Men of Iraq, and Women of Iraq, that nothing is more capable of weakening resolution and blurring the ability to see things in the right perspective and evaluate them correctly than avarice and greed to acquire unnecessary food, clothing, drink and other things.

Defer, exalted Men of Iraq, defer, glorious Women of Iraq, anything on the list of demands. By deferring them and wisely managing, at least on the level of unnecessary or unneeded details, you add a decisive factor to shorten the time of arrival and determine its quality and its level. Thus arrival will be secure and the ship will lay anchor safely-- without damage, scratches or deep wounds.

Great People,

Sons of our Glorious Nation,


God creates human beings along the same line and sets them on the same course. But He, glorified be His name, creates them unequal in many characteristics. Of these characteristics is the ability to transform dispersed or scattered will into an organized and controlled capacity that marches or halts in degrees, acts or refrains, advances or retreats, works and sacrifices for itself only, or works and sacrifices for others or for all the others. To each He gives what is ought to be given of strength and weakness. The source of ability in man is released by Faith from the inside of himself and directed to the right directions. And since man was created among other living creatures and among his own kind, and having been created by God in the best of moulds, it is the type of behaviour derived from the nature of his reasoning that determines the degree of his farness from other creatures or his nearness to them. He, who submerges into things only, out of need or just to acquire them, and he who, mainly or to a great degree, concentrates his attention, effort and ability on them, will get nearer or closer to other creatures, including animals. When he limits his role, for instance, to eating, drinking and procreating, and works for this only and moves in the sphere of securing his physical needs only, he gets nearer to animals than to his self which God has cast in the best of moulds. Even plants feed, take in water and propagate. They do many of the functions the human body does. They breathe, they accept or reject by implication in response to the harm, care or benefit entailed. But plants lack the willpower, so they cannot transform rejection and acceptance into a course of action similar to that taken by man.

Iraqis, therefore, have been thankful to the Almighty God, obedient to His will and loyal to what He likes when they decided to think and exercise their will on the basis that of all God's creatures man was created in the best of moulds. Thus, they have met the conditions under which God created man. They have never allowed life to deprive them of the basic characteristics of man. They love others as they love themselves or rather, they love others more than they love themselves, as attested by the martyrs when they sacrifice themselves for the stand they take in loving God and loving the others, and in rejecting falsehood and clinging to right.

The Embargo has cut down from you, Iraqis, things which do not harm your humanity, and deprived you of things which, if man does not balance his needs for them, may cause him to lose high values and cease representing his true self.

In any case, Iraqis have not, by choice, deprived themselves or others of things, save those that God has forbidden. But man, under certain circumstances, one of which is our own circumstance, finds himself facing a difficult test to choose one of two alternatives. He either secures for himself all the things or most of the things he desires to acquire and thus loses many of his values and moves far away from his humanity, when he accepts that, and comes closer to the characteristics of creatures that live on things only. Or, he sacrifices all of the things or most of them and thus upholds the values he cherishes. On this basis, those who take and believe in the second alternative, never deal, essentially or most of the time, with things save those that are necessary to sustain life. Man, generally, and man under a certain circumstance like ours, loses of his freedom an amount equal to the weight of the things that burden him. But the lighter he is of those things, the faster he finds his humanity and the more agile he becomes to be a leader of a movement in life and not a heavy wagon fastened behind a train locomotive.

You have chosen the way of values and rejected, noble Iraqi Men and glorious Iraqi Women, the way of things which are immersed in poison, disgrace and humiliation. Had you accepted life on this basis, you would not have really received even what is exhibited of these things, or what is being waved before you in exchange for a stand of humiliation. But you have chosen the other way and rejected this way. You have thus gained confirmed certainty and a stable state resting on high values, with all the provisions that come with them to sustain you on the road. God willing, you will keep both your values and the things, or plenty of the things you desire to have. Thus, and only by this way it becomes possible for you to keep an essential thing of the ones which help material life and part of the social and cultural life to develop and advance forward. Together with these things and ahead of them all, and forming their waving banner, will be the high values you have attained and kept and safeguarded to put as a crown on your heads, by which you will be identified and distinguished from other peoples. You have thus won the shore and its sea with its ebb and flow, life and its sky and God's satisfaction and His earth.

And God is Great!

We, in the Leadership, are fortunate, for God has honoured us with the Iraqis whom He prepared to measure up to the honour and responsibility of carrying the new message of the people of Iraq and the nation for themselves and for humanity at large.

No other case or other people will be able to shoulder this responsibility unless they acquire the same essence of your characteristics. That is because the endeavour needed on a long and exceptional road differs from the endeavour needed on a short and usual or traditional road-- exactly as the honour, significance and results achieved differ. The people of Iraq has come to be the son of this new message and its leader. It is the son of the transitional period in the life of the nation. It is the dutiful son of the nation and the leader in this period of scoring new records for its present life and for some time to come. It is scoring records in various fields of life and on all levels of values that endear man to himself, to his nation, to others in humanity and to God, the Creator of ability and the Director of its course towards achieving deeds that will disgrace evil-doers and the cursed Satan.

Let all know that this has been the decision of the people taken since the beginning of the Grand Battle in harmony with the spirit of the message and the call of history. It is still the people's decision, and there is no other way but preserve the essence of the significance of this decision.

Honour belongs to God,

to the people,

to the nation,

to the homeland,

to sovereignty,

to security,

to stability.

The right of option and decision belongs to Great Iraq and to our Glorious Nation.

Long live Iraq!

Long live Iraq!

Long live our Glorious Nation!

Those who delude themselves into believing that the prolonged march may break the willpower of the Iraqis have to stop relishing that delusion. They have to wake up and learn and remember that after the conflict they had planned to make long in order to break the back of Iraq in the Glorious Qadissiya Battle, Iraq emerged at the end topping the summit of glory, with greater capability. Therefore, the prolongation going on now in the Immortal Mother of All Battles, no matter what colour the schemes take and the more wicked and cunning they become in this or that means, including using threadbare and flimsy covers bearing the titles of international organizations-- this prolongation will not make Iraqis change the course they have taken after they have given all that they have given to maintain it. It has won the satisfaction of God; and God's satisfaction is nobler and dearer than anything people may offer in this respect.

The evil-doers will have to acknowledge this fact and prostrate themselves before God, after first they believe in Him, and beg Him to forgive them for the crimes they have committed against the people of the Divine Messages, Prophets and pious believers. They will have to beg God to make the people of Iraq accept to forgive them.

Glory be to the Martyrs!

Glory be to the Martyrs!

Long live Iraq the Great-- immortal for its values and the significance of its deeds!

Long live our Glorious Arab Nation!

Contempt and shame for the enemies!

Long live Palestine-- free, proud and Arab from the Sea to the River!

Long live Freedom Fighters, the Sons of our Nation!

Long live every free, loyal freedom fighter everywhere!

God is Great!

God is Great!

And let the debased be despised!