Declaration of Japanese journalists for «»

Russian information agency distributed an article titled «Chechen rebels open website in Japanese MOSCOW/ROSTOV-ON-DON. Jan 17 (Interfax)».

Regarding to this article,
Tokyo based international journalist Mr. Kosuke TSUNEOKA sent to the editor of Internet site «ChechenWatch» his message, denying to the contents of the article of Interfax. Mr. Tsuneoka mentioned in his message, according the article of Interfax, as if the internet site ChechenWatch is belonging to the Chechen rebels and as if the editor of ChechenWatch, Mr. Chiaki WATANABE is using this site for the draft of international terrorists in Japan and as result of his activities appeared in Pankisi gorge in Georgia certain fighters Hawadzi – Mr. Hiroshi MINAMI or Shamili – Mr. Kosuke TSUNEOKA.

We, Japanese journalists declare that the information of Interfax according to the material created by  ROSh (the regional headquarters of the anti-terrorist operation in the
North Caucasus)  is a whopping lie.

In fact, not Mr. TSUNEOKA, not Mr. WATAMNABE never been a member of the Chechen Armed Forces and never been in position to act by orders of Chechen rebel leaders, since they are individual persons and independent journalists. As concern to Mr. MINAMI – he had no necessity get rebel trainings in Pankisi since he was former airborne member of the Ground Self-Defence Force, stationed Narashino-city nearby
Tokyo.  Mr. MINAMI is now in Georgia and through his lawyer, he is denying the fact his participation to the Chechen rebel formations.

Japanese journalist Mr. TSUNEOKA never hides his intention to visit the
territory of Chechnya and his strong desire to report the tragedic war in this republic, however in the article  distributed by Russian Masscommunication pointed that he tried illegally invade to Chechnya in 2000 and 2001 from Georgia. Mr. TSUNEOKA  has been in Georgia, due to cover the activity of warlord Khamzat Gelayev but as a journalist and his shooting in video and photo shown to Japanese audiences proves the truth.

Mr. TSUNEOKA sharply criticizes ROSh of the Russian Army and Interfax for the distribution of ugly lie all over the world. Once Interfax through ROSh confirms one fabrication, another agency «CENTER FOR JOURNALISM IN EXTREME SITUATIONS»  headed by Mr. Oleg PANFIROV distributed another lie on
October 18, 2002,  that  Mr. TSUNEOKA was in hostage at Pankisi gorge by Chechen rebels. Who or what we can believe? Japanese journalist pointed out that  Russian Masscommunications  are confuse by certain way world communities concern to violation of human rights, and massacre in Chechen Republic done by Russian Army. It is a cheap political propaganda or simply say – Red Russian Propaganda.

Japanese journalists conclude to the understanding that Russian authorities has ordered to their Masscommunications to try and misguide Japanese Government, as if it does not fight with so called terrorism and provocates to violate freedom of speech on the internet. Above mentioned Russian agencies also discreditate and obstruct Chechen Internet site «Kavkazsky Vestnik» (Caucasian Herald) and its editor  Mr. Mairbek TARAMOV with him Japanese journalists exchanging information and opinions by sneaky slanders.

It is very regret for us to indicate one of the respective Masscommunication agency in
Russia that it shows total absence in mind how important in democratic states freedom of thinking and belief. And it is another evidence of the total luck of elemental understanding what is the civilized society both or  Russian Army and Masscommunications.  Due to certain people, which impossible to recognize as satisfactory persons, continues bloodsheds in Chechnya and can not stop the war and impossible to realize peaceful regulations.

If  to analyze the recent situation in the
Chechen Republic concerns to the dedicated journalists, we must point out many tragedic cases.

Andrey BABITSKY from «Radio Freedom» was kidnapped by Russian  Special Services and utilized for exchange with Russian P.O.W.;

Roddi SCOTT, English freelance journalist was shot by Russian military person in Ingushetia;
Artem BOROVIK, editor of the newspaper «VERSIA» died by unexplainable air accident, after his strength the criticism to the President Putin;
Antonio RUSSO, Italian journalist was found in Georgia his body. In this case also the work executed by Russian special services.

Facts of custodies, tortures, murders of journalists in
Chechnya testify what will wait to dedicated people who engaged in their professional duty to inform truth to our society. However, it is evidence that «the journalist's pen is mightier than rebel's weapons». Lack of experience healthy society and democracy in journalism, together with falsehood information on Chechen war, Russian Masscommunications insult not only them selves but Russia itself toward world communities.

Although, we must mention that fact in Russia, still exist and survived democratic journalists even they are in small numbers, they are fighting with enlarging repressions from Russian authorities, endanging their own life, screaming for resistance.

We Japanese defender of truth are happy and proud that Russian authorities are put us on the same line with distinguished Chechen personals.

Chiaki WATANABE  «ChechenWatch», Tokyo JAPAN for «Kavkazsky Vestnik»