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Mass Extermination, Intro

January 12, 2002

Sufficient and nutritionally balanced food and uncontaminated water are existential necessities for all human beings. But millions of people are systematically denied access and forced to live in hunger and getting sick from deficiencies and poisoning. This is not because of natural phenomena or by mistake, but a consequence of exploitation and oppression.

With the 'Green Revolution' strategy, and the general expansion of agricultural and chemical multi and transnational companies, a widespread monetarization of basic reproduction could be forced upon billions of people. Families and communities are loosing control of and often access to the means of subsistence, meaning their ability to produce the locally needed foods. The traditional forms and regulations to provide food security for the local people are largly destroyed and people forced to move into the cities for low paid jobs in sweatshops and factories. Independent communities have been further disintegrated as members had to move away.

The expansion of international agricultural trade took away substantial resources from the world's poor. Resources meaning primary land, water and fish. To compete on internationalized food markets farmer get high input costs (seed, fertilizers and other chemicals, energy, equipment). The best soils are generally occupied by large farms producing for dollars. They are implants like the industrial world market factories and don't serve the needs of the people living and working there. Generally only the bad and worst soils are left for family or community based production.

People need more money as they loose control of the local resources. Money is an expression of dependency and power. Without sufficient money you might not be valued worth living. Money is more than just means of storage and exchange. It became the ultimate enforcer of domination. Behind the monetary system and institutions stands the Pentagon guaranteeing the continued acceptance of the political money.

Mostly we don't accept our responsibility for the mass extermination of others. While every individual is clearly to weak to prevent the continued terror, it is equally obvious that most of us don't do everything we can to fight this rotten ass system. Far away from resisting, many of us support the reasoning about overpopulation, which means nothing else than a selection of people for killing. Overpopulation is a term defined by the ever shrinking minority of privileged racists defending their control over resources. Like the people were selected for the gas chambers at the platform of Auschwitz. The methodology of extermination is different, but the fact is the same. People are declared not worth living, a denial of the most basic respect for the other one.