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No Euro Military

With the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, the legitimation formerly being used to justify the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as a defence alliance against the communist threat had become obsolete.

The end of the Soviet Union and retreat of Russia left the US and West European countries with the scramble for the spoils. The US moved quickly and decisively with the aggression against Iraq in 1991. The 'international community' agreed on the mass extermination of two million Iraqi people through the combined use of massive bombing and the most comprehensive ever UN sanctions.

It was most telling that the first NATO war was the aggression against Yugoslavia. It proved again that the greatest threat to European countries is from within Europe. Yugoslavia was targeted and bombed into submission with Kosovo and Bosnia still being occupied and held as protectorate. A precedent was set that the European Great Powers reserve for themselves to attack other countries in Europe if they so wish. It is a warning to all weaker countries and effectively buried hopes for peace within Europe.

Meanwhile, Africa was the main victim of European expansionist plans. Competition among foreign powers (most prominently the US, Britain, Norway, France, Germany, Belgium) all trying to bring as much African wealth as possible under their control, leading to proxy wars and millions of Africans dead. Direct military aggression and intervention was launched against Somalia, Sudan, DRCongo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast to name just the most prominent cases.

NATO, besides expanding into Eastern Europe and preparing to expand in Northern Africa, was working to increase its usability as a tool of aggression 'out of area'. Afghanistan was invaded in winter 2001 and the occupation is still ongoing. The US/NATO infrastructure and facilities in Germany and Italy were indispensable for the invasion/occupation of Iraq. Several NATO countries are contributing troops to the occupation of Iraq.

To convince the public of the need to wage war, the European leaders are propagating the concept of military aggression as 'humanitarian intervention'. We are told to have an obligation to go to war against people who hadn't done anything to us and whose actions didn't even affect us adversely. The demonization of the enemy made it easier for most to support or be indifferent to the bombing of defenseless victims in Baghdad, Belgrade, and elsewhere.

Building on many years of preparatory propaganda, the new big threat finally went public on September 11, 2001, when the War on Islam, while still disguising as war on terror, was openly declared. The threat are billions people worldwide who may want to finally free themselves from our domination and recapture their own history, to organize their societies according to their own ways without having us interfere.

The Enemy is Within

There is no country or group of countries outside Europe posing any military threat or can be assumed to have any intentions to attack Europe. No African, Arab or Asian country is going to send bombers and missiles, no foreign intervention forces will attack and occupy parts of Europe. The most reasonable threat to develop is the USA trying to defend their empire at all cost and turning against its European allies.

The threat often propagated these days is terrorism. The term means many different things, but used by the rulers it means every armed resistance against their rule. But their definition goes beyond the direct action into criminalizing ideas and thoughts which fundamentally challenge their principles and rule. Talking about terrorism we must not fail to see the terror of bombing cities and infrastructure, of invasion and occupation, detention and interrogation centers, special databases and profiling, the terror of impoverishment and hunger.

More police and military, punishment and prisons, detentions and deportations, more surveillance and monitoring, denunciation and fear, more foreign intervention and occupation, can only advance the culture of domination, death and destruction and will never promote peace or justice.

The best protection against terrorist attacks is to stop and refrain from intervening and interfering into the affairs of other peoples. Not to try to force our ways and schemes upon others. Accepting full responsibility for the grievances caused by our societies past and present actions. Learning to fully respect other peoples, not to violate their dignity and integrity, not to interfere with their history and way of life. Not to give reason to strike back on us. And to finally try to find and walk the road to reconciliation.

It is not from outside or from terrorists inside that European peace and security is threatened. Since centuries Europeans were the only ones organizing and waging war against and among themselves, often projecting their conflicts upon other peoples and regions, waging colonial and imperial wars. The example of Yugoslavia proved that nothing has changed in this regard. The EU is not a tool of peace and unity but of domination and expansion.

Conditions for Peace

The most urgent demand of any effort to promote peace within Europe must be the immediate and unconditional removal of all foreign troops from former Yugoslavia, revocation of all legal agreements against and coerced upon Yugoslavia, and ending the use of political justice to legitimize the aggression and prosecute enemies.

Abolish NATO and Stop Euro Military

The abolition of NATO and dismantling of its infrastructure and facilities will eliminate the greatest threat of aggression and war from Europe. At the same time we must prevent all efforts to build up European forces.

There is no defensive or stabilizing role for a European military. No Euro military can possibly contribute anything to peace, but will just add more options to wage war. Whatever EU military capabilities and troops will only be for wars of aggression and intervention. Rapid deployment, light and mobile, high firepower 'battle groups' of 1,500 elite killers may be good to clear the way for more stationary occupation troops to follow. They will be a serious and constant threat to peoples wherever the EU wants to secure or expand some interest. They will operate under the same preemptive war doctrine as the US and Russia.

'Preemptive war' is another euphemism for war of aggression. Like occupation troops and mercenaries became 'peacekeepers', attacking and subduing heavily outgunned defenseless victims became 'peacemaking'. Maybe the most obscene of these is 'humanitarian intervention', which can mean bombing, committing massacres, invading and occupying, depriving of food and water, manipulating the social relations and colonizing the minds of the targeted peoples, but always means imposition of foreign control one way or another.

The only military capabilities not fundamentally contradicting the promotion of peace are those which can only be used for defence or retaliation in case of an actual military attack against the own territory. Therefore every country in Europe may deploy and maintain whatever national defense forces it sees as necessary. Voluntary weapons control agreements among the European countries may be negotiated to prevent arms races and misunderstandng through transparency and building of trust.

No Intervention

If there is any lesson to be learned from past wars, it is that our leaders and governments will always organize, propagate and wage another 'just war'. We will no longer be fooled by their lies and resist their wicked efforts to manipulate us into accepting or supporting war. We reject all justification for military intervention by our societies against any country or peoples, under whatever organizational and legal framework, and for whatever reason may be propagated. We insist that no bombing of peoples, cities and infrastucture, that no troop deployment in other countries is anything but force projection and use of violence to gain control over peoples and lands.

Promote Peace

Convinced that our peaceful intentions are best expressed through our inability to wage or support offensive military operations, we therefore