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Sovereignty of weaker states ridiculed


The recent aggressions against Ivory Coast and Libya prove again, that the sovereignty of weaker countries is not being repected. The UN Security Council acts like a permanent Berlin Conference, a forum to negotiate the division of the world among the dominant states. The UN as an organization stands for population control and mass extermination, rubberstamping aggressions and dictating conditions of surrender. It is nothing but a tool of crime.

Forced regime change

Since the end of the Cold War, many countries were targeted by a variety of foreign actors, and had their governments changed with the essential 'help' of outside forces. Africa in particular was, and continues to be, the focus of intense foreign intervention and competition, leading to wars with millions of deaths.

Ivory Coast

There was an election in the Ivory Coast, whose results were contested. The Constitutional Council, according to the Constitution of Ivory Coast responsible for proclaiming the "definitive results of the presidential elections", declared the sitting President Gbagbo to be the winner. This result didn't satisfy certain foreign powers, particularly France, which kept Ivory Coast economically dependent, and which for years intervened politically and militarily in the affairs of Ivory Coast.

They used the UNOCI (United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire) to declare Alassane Ouattara the winner. Civil war was restarted to enforce the UNOCI result. French and UN troops in Ivory Coast assisted the rebels to violently overthrow the government of Ivory Coast to impose their candidate. The events in Ivory Coast reaffirm, that democratic elections are used as a tool of the colonizers to better control the politics of the targeted countries. Don't put any hope in a vote!


In Libya there was a rebellion against the government, supported by renegade troops and assisted by foreign agents. The government ordered its loyal troops to defeat the rebellion and seemed close to victory, when the USA and NATO began their bombardment of the country. Thousands of cruise missile and aerial bombing raids followed, accompanied by attacks on Libyan ships, and supported by foreign special forces and military service provider operations on the ground. The plan is to escalate the rebellion into a civil war, and to violently overthrow the government.

Libya is being bombarded in complete disregard for the sovereignty of the country. Libya did not attack, threaten, or even provoke any other country. The military intervention against Libya is simply a colonial war of aggression.

The main propaganda line is similar to the one used against Yugoslavia, supplemented by the Rwanda genocide propaganda theme used against Sudan since 2004. Yet in the case of Libya it took only days to prepare public opinion of the aggressor societies for war. Knowing, that they can bomb and destroy without fear of reprisal attacks, makes it easy for these societies to support war.

Racism and White Supremacy

Africans are again openly treated as lesser humans, who are told what they should do, and whose progress is being assessed by their custodians according to imposed alien standards and definitions. Meanwhile, the champions of freedom, democracy and human rights continue to plunder and exhaust the so called resources of the continent, exploit its people and keep them in permanent dependency. African societies reap destruction, devastation and death, and on top of it they are scorned as being themselves responsible for their misery.

Africans are at the bottom of the racist scale. This is visible in many ways. In the media, Africans are usually being presented as unable to develop without help from Whites. It needs at least some White expert, to confirm what Africans say. Africans may be assistants to Whites, who are generally in charge. Africans are always in a position to be judged by Whites, according to definitions and categories, which are imposed upon them. No reciprocity is intended, or will be accepted.

Colonialism never ended

Colonialism is inseparable from the European way of life, which is based on a particularly destructive and violent relation towards the earth and all living. European industrialization and enlightenment developed on the basis of permanent war, the subjugation and enslavement of peoples, and the plunder and devastation of the earth.

The struggles of the colonized peoples for independence and self-determination (development on their own terms and along their own paths) raised hopes, that they may be able to decolonize their societies and relations. But the chains left on the newly 'independent states' proved to be too heavy to allow them to break away from the dominant world order. Many of the best anticolonial leaders were assassinated, or otherwise violently removed.

The Europeans made no efforts to decolonize their societies. For them, political independence was just a tactical adjustment of colonial relations, which are fundamental to their thinking, as well as the basis of their privileges and wealth.

Likewise, the ideology of white supremacy was continued unabated. Still the Europeans and their diaspora see themselves as most advanced and civilized, convinced of their mission to help and lead the underdeveloped poor out of their misery, to end backwardness (barbarism) and bring enlightenment, human rights and democracy.

Without their weapons and control of markets, this stance would just be laughable. But the way it is, their violence and domination is extremely lethal and frightening. Leaving no doubt about their will and ability to exterminate ever increasing masses of people, and to plunder and exhaust the earth, it is clear that the Europeans will use all means at their disposal to continue their way of death and destruction.

Global Totalitarian Order

If no other way of life is allowed, and all peoples forced to obey to the rules made by dominant powers, and violently imposed upon them, we have a totalitarian order. Because it is a global order, we will further call it the Global Totalitarian Order (GTO). Core institutions of the GTO are the UN, the IMF/WB, the WTO, and the ICC, its main enforcer being the USA/NATO. The GTO is dominated by the Democratic Totalitarian Societies (DTS), with its core being the Europeans and their diaspora (notably the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Israel), and additionally Japan.

Most dangerous: social and humanitarian globalizers

Social and humanitarian globalizers are those, who advocate social and humanitarian standards to be imposed globally. In order to move their agenda forward, they need the sovereignty of states to be abandoned, and global enforcement enacted. This is what is behind the 'Responsibility to Protect' scheme, which is intended to obligate violent foreign intervention against states, who allegedly fail to protect their populations from "genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing". A similar example is the International Court of Criminals (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute.

To pretend, that these tools are not for the dominant powers to be used to advance their interests against the weaker, is preposterous. The same realities are interpreted very differently, depending on who defines the dominant narrative. To ignore the fundamental inequalities among peoples, who decides and who is being decided upon, is typical for the defenders of white supremacy and colonial relations. They side with the hegemonial powers against the countries of the peripheries, who don't have the means to defend themselves against foreign aggression.

The social and humanitarian globalizers are particularly dangerous, because they are still seen by many as defenders of human rights. They are using whatever credibility they have left to fool people into surrendering under the Global Totalitarian Order. The history of European expansion and hegemony is one of permanent war and violent subjugation, of mass extermination and excessive destruction to satisfy their greed for riches and power. Falsehood and trickery has long been a hallmark of Europeans, who turn increasingly schizophrenic under the pressure of fundamental contradictions between the consequences of their actions and perceptions of themselves.